Our Story So Far

WaiveNET started its development journey in 2000 and was driven as bespoke and innovative technology solution by the demands of our existing blue chip clients. Clients who did not want the standard rigid, inflexible and unscaleable ‘off the shelf’ or ‘out of the box’ solution that came with a high price tag and the inherent inability to adapt or grow with their changing business needs.

Our clients are savy and they loved our philosophy –

“Hey let’s sit down with our clients, really talk to them, get to understand their business, what clever technology was required to streamline their workflows, increase efficiencies, reduce heavy handed overheads and deliver technology that actually works for them, from day one!”

Today our Job is to provide to our clients a personalised and customised service. Providing real-time global business management software on a  partner management platform all unified on a single cloud-based platform.  Delivering bespoke functionalities and workflows to drive their organisations.

What's on your bucket list?

Visible Cost Savings
Single Platform
Make Business Easy
Real Time Instant Data

We’ll hold your hand while you leap in the future, one giant step at a time.