It’s an open eco-system

The WaiveNET eco-system is a hierarchical automation platform for managing partner performance, warranting higher levels of engagement and productivity from channel partners.

A system of methodologies, strategies, software, and web-based capabilities that help an organisation to facilitate and engage with partners, vendors, clients and customers. It is the collection, workflow, processes, analysis and distribution of all associated data. A business eco-system is a true and proven approach to managing business.

The purpose of an eco-business / social system or partnering portal

Eco-system software platforms typically bring together multiple players of different types and sizes in order to create, scale, and serve markets in ways that are beyond the capacity of any single organisation—or even any traditional industry.

Their diversity – and their collective ability to learn, adapt, and crucially, innovate together – are key determinants of their longer-term success. It is the collection and distribution of all associated data to all areas of business and the socialisation of data among constituents of the eco-system. The general purpose of such a business strategy is to enable an organisation to better leverage the eco-system through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and procedures for collaboration and collaborative communication.

The WaiveNET state-of-the-art platform include cross-functional modules that are hosted in the cloud and available as a user pays service.